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About Us

Meet Elina Furman, the co-founder of Pley. Like most Moms, I wanted my son Julian to spend less time in front of digital screens and more time enriching his mind and creativity with LEGO® play. After spending thousands of dollars on new sets, I realized that there is a more efficient and family-friendly way to build LEGO creations without breaking our bank account.

Pley makes it possible for kids of all ages to rent LEGO sets, saving hundreds of dollars per year in toys that are played for a short time and then often neglected. Through creating a sharing economy that reduces waste and enhances kids' cognitive skills, Pley’s goal is to change the very paradigm of playtime by providing an affordable subscription service for educational toys.


A seasoned digital media entrepreneur, Elina Furman is the founder of A-List Mom, an award-winning media company that distributes emails to over 70,000 moms nationwide. A widely sought after lifestyle/kid expert, she has appeared on countless television shows, including The Today Show, Good Morning America and CBS' The Early Show. Her sites were voted "Best of Web -- Kids" by InStyle and "Best of Net" by Working Mother. She was recently named NYC's "Most Stylish Moms" by New York Daily News.



Pley is a socially-responsible company that aims to change the way families consume products and spend time together. Leveraging collaborative consumption, we aim to raise a more creative and skillful generation that follows the principles of open-ended play while emphasizing the benefits of sharing, reducing waste and giving back to the community.

Every set that Pley rents saves a tree over the lifetime of its rental. Todate, Pley had reduced waste by eliminating the wasteful production of 90,200 pounds of ABS plastic which resulted in a reduction of 3.9 million pounds of C02 emission.