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Unleash your kid’s creativity
with the educational Hot Wheels "Challenge Accepted" Box

  • Discover the thrill of winning with 3 out-of-the-box stunts
  • Spark creativity with the unique reconfigurable box and track pieces
  • Jump-start action with early access to new cars
  • Show off that challenger spirit with an exclusive Hot Wheels T-shirt

Limited Edition. Get it before it runs out!

Develop skills while having fun!

The Hot Wheels ‘Challenge Accepted’ Pleybox allows children to develop problem solving skills, encourages creativity, boosts confidence and sportsmanship with the unique box transformation.

Basic science concepts such as speed and gravity are learned through experimentation.

How It Works — Build, Race, Repeat

Use the Challenge Accepted Pleybox in a variety of ways to customize and experiment with cars tracks and household items

Connect tracks and sets in any configuration to make a unique race course.
Enhance the fun with accessories like loops, lifts, boosts, jumps and your Pleybox.
Take it to the next level—Hot Wheels tracks work best when combined with household items!
Hot Wheels Subscription Benefits:

Hot Wheels Subscription Rocks! Here’s Why!

The Hot Wheels pleybox is an educational activity box that teaches in a fun way and helps kids develop valuable skills.
Over $45 value in every box!

  • Special Cars and Exclusives

    Fun and sporty car and exclusive T-shirt in every box. The box itself adapts to inspire exclusive creations.

  • Learning on Wheels

    Themed around drag, gravity and more, every Pleybox ignites the passion for learning.

  • Cancel Anytime

    You can cancel online anytime or skip a month.

Pleyers Accept the Challenge — No Limits

"The items in the box are extra cool, but what I do with them is AWESOME!"

* Disclaimer: the products in the videos are for demonstration purpose. The actual products in the box may vary.