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A monthly adventure that explores our planet and nature

* These items are only representative, box contents vary every time.

Each month surprises with a mission to rescue an endangered animal in a new part of the world. Box includes curated activities and accessories to complete the adventure. Ages 5-11

Each box provides 5-10 hours of learning, creativity and pure fun!

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Special bonus - access to digital mission content and games.

What surprises might I get in the box?

Each magical box presents a new mission to solve and teaches about our planet and incredible nature. Play with the items in the box or login to enjoy the games, activities and interactive lessons

How It Works

A surprise box filled with unique items that teach about animals, nature and our world. Travel to new countries every month and rescue an extinct animal while having fun!

  • A New Mission

    Every box takes our kids to a new country and teaches about its unique animals.

  • Physical & Digital Learning

    Solve the mission with items in the box. Want more fun? Login to mission control center and get educational games, animal videos and sounds.

  • Cancel Anytime

    You can cancel online anytime or skip a month.

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