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Mobile Games Beyond App Stores

Take your mobile game cross-platform to expand your reach, increase playtime and grow revenue with a web playable on Pley.

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Increased playtime


Lower acquisition cost


Lower fees than app stores


Hours played

HomesteadsDead AheadPixel StarshipsAirport City

Solutions for Web

Mature platform

SDK and documented APIs to migrate and maintain your mobile game on web.


Continuously updated to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing browser landscape.

Minimal investment

No need to hire a web team — Pley’s platform does the work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Pley do?

Pley offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to enhance your gaming experience and boost profits. This includes a curated game site, a user-friendly webshop for direct item purchases, cross-platform Web Playable gaming, low-fee regional payments, and developer tools for easy maintenance.

What is a Game Site?

A game site is a website hub for your game. It has landing pages, game-related content, community links, information about liveOps/events, a Webshop, and of course; the Web Playable.

How do I get a Game Site?

Pley provides a Game Site for partners who launch Webshops or a game with the Web Playable. Alternatively, if you already have a website Pley can help you integrate the Webshop and Web Playable with it.

How does authentication work on Pley?

Pley has an account system for Pley users to handle payments, payment methods, web players, and instant account linking with mobile. Pley accounts support email, or single-click sign-on with Google and Facebook. Pley accounts integrate with your game authentication system through Webshop or Pley Connect (Pley’s account linking product).

Does Pley work if I have a website login system already?

Yes! If your website already has authentication/login, Pley’s Webshop and Web Playable can integrate with your system. The website provides Pley with information about the user (ID and login email), and Pley delivers the right user to them (for the Webshop and/or Web Playable).

What if I do not have a login system?

No problem! If you don’t have a login system, you can simply let Pley authentication do it for you - which is built into the Web Playable.

What analytics data do I get access to on my Game Site?

Page view events from your game site can be delivered to the analytics service you already use. Additionally, the Webshop and Web Playable both deliver their analytics to the Game Site to be delivered wherever you prefer.

Read more about Analytics on Pley here.

How do webshops work?

Your players visit your webshop (“”) either on mobile or desktop. The webshop contains products and special offers. The player goes through the checkout and pays. Then they are provided with a QR code (on desktop) or a button (on mobile) that delivers the product to them when clicked/scanned.

Why should I have a webshop?

A webshop lets you have a way to sell game products directly to consumers. On average, sales through Pley lead to 20% higher profits than on mobile marketplaces and regional payment methods make paying more accessible for many players.

How do I start selling game products directly on the web?

First, let Pley set up a Game site for you, or integrate with your current website if you have one.

Secondly, integrate Pley Webshops into your mobile game.

Thirdly, create your products in the Game Manager.

Finally, announce your webshop and bring your users to your new direct-to-consumer Webshop.

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