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Pley Introducing Robust Commerce Capabilities

During the last quarter, we added robust commerce capabilities to our Game Site offering to further empower our customers to drive user growth, retention, and purchase revenue.

A primary use case for these enhancements is incentivizing high-value user actions with free rewards or exclusive discounted bundles claimable on the game site and delivered, in-game, on web or mobile.

Enhanced Web Shop Experience

Our new commerce capabilities can also be used to power a full-fledged web shop experience, as demonstrated in our recently launched web shop for Savy Soda’s Pixel Starships game, which also runs as a web playable on the Pley platform.

Upgraded Game Manager Console

To complement these new Game Site features, we have enhanced the Game Manager console to enable our customers to manage their product catalog and apply quantity-limited deals, limited-time offers, flexible discount codes, and more.

Now, our customers can supercharge any retention email or UA campaign with web-exclusive offers and compelling discounts.

Improved Direct-to-Consumer Experience

This approach also enhances the direct-to-consumer experience for game developers that want to offer a more branded, personalized experience to their players.

For companies with intelligent liveops that is tuned to player behaviors, the ability to make special offers to individual players can further drive retention, loyalty, and purchases.

Favorable Commission Structure & Margin Growth

Since Pley’s favorable commission structure also applies to purchases made outside the game, these new features can also contribute significantly to positive margin growth, as the developer takes home significantly more revenue on each purchase.

Customers have the option to apply across-the-board or individual discounts to purchases made on the web while still benefiting from the higher profit margins Pley delivers.

Case Study: Pixel Starships

In the case of Pixel Starships, Savy Soda applied a 20% flat discount to every product in their web shop, which rewards their players for purchasing on the web. They also developed several web-exclusive “weekly deals” which consist of popular content bundled together with a higher discount and a per-user purchase limit.

Future Roadmap & Expansion

Pley is excited to be working with Savy Soda, one of many customers who will be looking to Pley-hosted game sites and webshops as a way to expand monetization beyond their mobile and web playable game versions.

We’ll continue to flesh out the roadmap for additional features to include access to community integration, social media content, and more directly from the game’s website to become an epicenter of all interactive and monetization activities.

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