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Cross-platform expansion

Extend playtime by offering instant account linking and access to a web playable version of your game.

Viral growth

Pley makes it simple for players to invite others to join them, accelerating organic growth.

No installs or downloads

Offer players instant gratification by launching your game with a single click.


Account linking

Seamlessly onboard your existing players with instant mobile-to-web account linking.

  • Users easily transition between mobile and web sessions.
  • Players link accounts in less than one minute.
  • Bring your mobile game to the big screen for  a more engaging experience.

In-game payments

With over 30 regional payment options (and growing) Pley manages all in-game purchases.

  • Automatic location recognition.
  • Saved payment preferences enable one-click checkout.
  • All fees including taxes are handled automatically.
  • Automated monthly reports for easy accounting.
  • Drag-and-drop product import from Google Play.

Rewarded ads

Keep your players coming back for more by serving ads in exchange for valuable in-game rewards.

  • Offer the same experience on web as on mobile.
  • Support for static and video ad formats.
  • Powered by Google Adsense H5 Games.


Simplify the player login experience with Pley’s comprehensive social login support.

  • Fully compliant and secure storage of personal information.
  • Support for integrating custom authentication.

In-game analytics

Plug and play analytics for conversion tracking, attribution, in-game player behavior, custom events, and more sent to the platform of your choosing.


Pley's end-to-end cloud distribution platform includes workflow tools and automation to make cross-platform development and web maintenance easy.

Developer tools

Prior web development experience is not required with Pley’s toolchain, which is optimized for Unity WebGL. Builds are automatically processed and patched to maximize web performance and compatibility.

Pley support

Pley’s account team is available to set you up for success with onboarding and support available via Slack, Discord, email and video calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Web Playable?

A Web Playable is your mobile game running on the web, fully playable and highly performant. It can run from your website, or a Game Site set up through Pley. It has instant account linking to mobile accounts, regional payment methods, and no installs - just play. Hosting, delivery, caching, game updates, and assets are handled automatically.

How do I get started on the Web Playable with my mobile game?

First of all, reach out to us - Pley would be happy to help port the game to web for you. If your game qualifies, we will start with a short evaluation to estimate time requirements and identify any risks with the porting project.

How does the game evaluation work?

Once your game has qualified, you provide source code access to us. Then, our porting team will go through the project. We identify issues, risks, services unsupported on the web, and more. Everything is then compiled into a report which we share with you. Only after receiving the report would both sides commit to the project.

Which game engines are supported?

Pley is built specifically for both Unity C# and C++ mobile games (with a C version of the Pley SDK which can be adapted for most games). 

Can games on Pley be played on mobile?

Currently, Pley’s Web Playable is built for the desktop web, where 98% of browsers are supported. Running games on mobile web browsers is possible but in an extremely experimental state.

How does Pley help my mobile game to become cross-platform?

For cross-platform, Pley provides:

  • Account linking (Pley Connect) lets players link their Pley account with their mobile progress. Often, cross-platform players have 3x playtime compared to mobile.
  • Webshop lets users make purchases, and receive the items on mobile. You gain the increased profit from lower fees, and users gain new ways to make purchases.
  • Cross-platform Analytics.

Are rewarded ads and interstitial ads supported?

Currently, we have support for rewarded ads built upon Google Adsense. We’re currently exploring expanding into other ad networks.

How does the porting work if Pley ports?

Once the evaluation is completed and approved, porting begins. It takes 3-10 weeks, depending on the game from start to launch. During that time, we make sure that everything is working the same on web as on mobile on a pley-porting branch. After integrating with your CI, you’ll automatically build for web whenever you make an update on mobile.

Read the full porting process outline here.

Do I have to maintain two games, mobile and web?

No! The goal of Pley is for you to get a web playable without having to maintain two games. Once the game porting is completed, it should be merged into your main branch. Then, whenever you make builds for mobile, also upload the web version to pley (through your CI/build pipeline).

One game. One backend. One branch. Three platforms (IOS, Android, and Web).

How does authentication work on Pley?

Pley’s lightweight account system hooks into your game authentication. When a user logs in on Pley, they receive a valid session token. The game server simply validates the session token with us and authentication is complete!

I already have a website. Can I have the Web Playable there?

Yes! While cookies and privacy systems make it more difficult, we strive for everything to run flawlessly on your website.

Can I have my Web Playable from Pley on other game distribution websites?

Our vision is to provide you with everything you need to run your direct-to-consumer (D2C) destination for your game. So currently, having your Pley Web Playable on other gaming destinations isn’t possible.

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