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5 Tips on How to Launch a Cross-Platform Mobile Game

In the ever-evolving world of online gaming, seizing the opportunity to launch cross-platform mobile games on the web can be a game-changer. It’s not just about attracting more players, but also about keeping them engaged and invested. As the mobile game industry has become more competitive than ever, the smartest moves involve expanding into other platforms. Welcome to your roadmap to masterfully launching your very own cross-platform game.

1. Enable Cross-Platform Gaming

Unlock New Device Possibilities

Open up a world of possibilities by making your mobile games accessible on multiple devices. Picture this: a player begins their journey on a smartphone during a daily commute, and seamlessly continues their adventure on a desktop at home. Enabling this fluid transition not only enhances user satisfaction, but also keeps them engaged like never before.

Seamless Account Linking

Why complicate when you can simplify? Let players effortlessly connect their accounts across various platforms. This not only streamlines their gaming experience but also ensures a consistent journey of progression and achievements. Embrace account linking to entice players into exploring your game on a multitude of devices.

Famous cross-platform MMORPG Albion Online uses a traditional email-password account system, as well as great localization. This lets users easily move between mobile and PC at their leisure.

Web and mobile game Airport City by Game Insight uses a code to let users link their devices without having to make an account - making it simple for players to connect their accounts.

2. Own Your Web Game Destination

Launch a game site

Create a virtual realm for your mobile game online by launching a professionally designed website that mirrors your game's visual identity. This isn't just about aesthetics – it's about creating a central hub that not only elevates brand recognition, but also stands as a dependable source for all things game-related, from updates and announcements to valuable information.

Leverage your communities

Foster a sense of community by integrating all of the communication channels your users thrive in. Integrate multiple communication channels like subreddits, Discord servers, and forums to nurture a vibrant player community. These platforms provide players with spaces to connect, share their adventures, and discuss game-related topics. Strengthen the bonds within your player base while also gathering priceless feedback for continuous enhancement.

Elevate the Web Shop Experience

Take in-game transactions to a whole new level by launching a user-friendly webshop. Offering players the convenience of making in-game purchases directly from your website enhances accessibility and increases the likelihood of transactions. Your game's revenue gets a boost, and players get a seamless shopping experience.

Web shops are a fantastic way to increase both player investment and studio margins - by offering rewards for first web shop purchases, you can lead your players directly to your web destination.

3. Ignite Player Engagement on Your Game Site

Reward cross-platform gameplay

Set the stage for active player participation by rewarding cross-platform gaming. Encourage players to explore the game on multiple devices, and reward them for doing so! This savvy strategy not only diversifies the gaming experience, but ignites a sense of loyalty and engagement that's hard to beat.

Spur web shop purchases with rewards

Want players to dive into the web shop? Incentivize them with rewards for their first transaction. This win-win approach drives up your revenue and introduces users to the convenience and perks of the webshop, making them more likely to return for future purchases.

Announce your web game

Don't keep your game a secret – make some noise! Actively communicate your cross-platform game within the mobile version. Use in-game announcements as direct invitations for players to venture into the web version, forging a seamless transition between platforms that keeps players engaged, and coming back for more.

Rewarding your players is the best method to incentivize them to explore and engage. For example, granting currency and items for visiting your game site, web shop, and playing the game on different platforms are all key ways of rewarding your players!

4. Support All Major Browsers and Devices

Embrace all browsers and devices

Don't leave anyone out in the cold – embrace inclusivity. Guarantee broad accessibility by extending your cross-platform game’s support to all major browsers and devices. This forward-thinking approach broadens your reach to an enormous desktop web user base, totaling over 2 billion potential active users. By doing so, you'll tap into the full potential for player acquisition and retention.

Maintain a high technical quality

Stay ahead of the tech curve by maintaining top-notch technical quality. Regularly update and expand your browser support to stay in sync with the ever-evolving technological landscape. This proactive approach ensures that your game remains compatible with emerging platforms and provides a consistently positive user experience across diverse environments.

5. Regional Payment Methods and Great Localization

Make your players feel at home

Acknowledge the global nature of web gaming and prepare for a diverse audience. Embrace the global nature of your audience and get ready for a diverse player base. Dive into the intricacies of cultural differences, preferences, and habits to craft a gaming experience that resonates with a multinational audience.

Tailor payments to regions

Smooth out the payment process by integrating region-specific payment methods. This brilliant move not only lowers entry barriers for players worldwide, but also significantly ramps up payment conversion rates, adding to your game's financial prosperity.

Localize your game

Don't just speak the language, live it. Optimize the gaming experience for a wide array of audiences by implementing comprehensive localization. This goes beyond merely translating in-game content – it means localizing the entire game site, making it accessible and irresistibly appealing to players from every corner of the world!

Region-localized payment methods are one of the easiest ways to increase the payer conversion in your mobile games. Having local payment methods that users trust can even majorly increase their in-game spend.

The Cross-Platform Way to Web

It's clear that the journey to launching a successful cross-platform mobile game on the web is paved with strategic brilliance and a dedication to seamless user satisfaction. By flawlessly building a strong web presence, fostering dynamic player engagement, ensuring versatility across devices, and embracing the game’s world, developers can craft a recipe for an unforgettable cross-platform game launch. So, why limit yourself to the mobile ecosystem? Take charge of your destination and watch your game soar to new heights.

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