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Game Manager 2.0: Streamlining Your Web Playable Experience

Explore the capabilities of Pley's Game Manager 2.0. A robust web app created to efficiently manage all aspects of your Web Playable. This tool ensures the smooth operation and organization of your mobile game on the web browsers.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of using Pley's Game Manager 2.0. The versatile web solution enables you to push new updates live and configure in-game products smoothly. You can easily access analytics, create playlets releases for QA/testing and much more.

Streamlining Workflows

You don't need a new developer team to operate your mobile game on web. The new web app interface makes it easy to operate any tasks.

It automates steps and sends alerts ensuring a smooth operation for both your mobile game and cross-platform game on web alike. The web app enables you to make instant changes to your game, products, webshop, commerce, and more.

Game Manager 2.0 Features

We are excited to release both a new look and exciting new features for the new game manager. These changes will make the experience of running mobile games cross-platform on web effortless.

1. Dashboard

Brand new, user-friendly analytics dashboard displaying player activity, revenue, and technical performance in a straightforward manner.

Analytics Dashboard

2. Product Import

Instantly import in-game products from Google Play Console, streamlining your workflow for unparalleled efficiency.

Import products from Google Play Console

3. Custom Product IDs

The new custom set of IDs for products allow you to use the same IDs on web as on mobile.

Custom products IDs

4. Improved Release Track Management

Every project now includes upgraded open-testing and closed-testing release tracks. These tracks cater to development, QA, and pre-production build testing.

Release Track Management

5. Get Notified & Check Off Tasks

Stay updated with automated alerts and the checklist to actively ensure your release progresses smoothly.

Release checklist & alerts

6. Restricted Regions Interface

Manage the countries where your game can be played effortlessly through an intuitive interface.

What is it Like Running Mobile Games on Web?

Our paramount goal is always the same. To seamlessly enable mobile games to the web without burdening you with additional developer resources or maintenance costs. Commercial benefits of cross-platform web gaming at minimal cost.

The Game Manager, complemented by the Pley SDK, forms a dynamic duo enabling this transition. The SDK enhances your game code on the web with Pley's features, while the Game Manager empowers the studio running the game.

Every time your mobile development team automatically pushes any new game update to the web. We apply automatic patching, optimization, and compression to ensure compatibility with web browsers and achieve high performance.

You can set the build live with a single click in the Game Manager. For running internal testing, visit your testing release page. Easily make the pre-production build available for testing with just a single button click.

From development to feature-complete live on the web: as simple as it can get.

  1. You have successfully completed a new game update.
  2. When building the game for iOS and Android, the Game Manager automatically receives the build.
  3. Pley automatically processes the build for the web, fixing issues and increasing performance.
  4. The build is instantly playable through a testing URL.
  5. Optional: Set the build live on a testing release track for QA/playtesting.
  6. Release!
  7. The update is instantly available on your Game Site for players to enjoy. No delay, no review.
  8. Issues? Rollbacks are instant and easy, letting you solve problems quickly.
  9. You run into issues with web? Pley is always there to solve all web-related issues. Often, we can solve the problem without you even having make a game update. You just apply the new post-processing directly from the Game Manager.

What's on The Game Manager Roadmap?

Our roadmap focuses on four key themes. The Game Manager acting as your central hub for accessing upcoming features and tools.

1. Game Site Commerce

Efficiently manage your Game Site through the Game Manager. It features tools for setting up Web Shop deals and configuring LiveOps to enhance your mobile game's monetization.

2. Analytics

Immerse yourself in comprehensive data and insights to run a commercially successful operation.

3. Web Playable

Explore retention features and virality systems tailored specifically for multiplayer games.

4. Self-Serve Tools and Automation

Anticipate new alert/detection systems and developer tools. This eliminates the need for additional developer resources and maintenance for your Web Playable.

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